Semalt Expert Elaborates On Android Security Threats

As computers continue to replace significant aspects of human life, cyber security is advancing at an alarming rate. Everyone complains about issues such as malware and viruses. In other cases, hackers can target vulnerable mobile platforms such as Android and get away with a lot of money. Antiviruses are not familiar with mobile devices like they are on a Windows operating system. Moreover, letting many apps run in the background of an Android device kills its RAM speed making the device lag and annoying to use. Avoiding malware on Android devices is possible.

Oliver King, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, describes some measures which can keep Trojans off our mobile phones:

Take caution when installing applications

It is always essential to mind about the source of apps before installing them. For instance, people can get applications from vendors who participate in internet fraud. Several cases of fraud can result which can include getting the victims credit card information as well as phishing customer data. For Android phone users, ensure that the allow installing app from unknown sources box is checked. This feature comes in default as you unbox your Android device. However, it is necessary to check this as some manufacturers or dealers can tamper with the configuration.

Side-loading of apps can be a risky venture on Android operating system. It is always necessary to install applications from the device's app store. Side loading refers to any other source of an application other than the official app store where users should access all the secure apps. Apps on Google play store have some particular qualification standards which assure the buyer seller protection as well as other risky activities.

Use a secure antivirus

Some anti-spyware software's can be beneficial to an Android device user. For instance, installing these apps can scan for malware present on email attachments before breaching the security of the phone. They can also block the installation of third party apps which can cause harmful effects on the victim's mobile phone.

Avoid many third-party app stores

There are many app stores which are coming up these days. These app stores may contain some Trojans which can make a person lose personal information to hackers and other cyber-criminals in the city. For instance, in China, there is a Trojan by the name Gemini. It was present in some of the local app stores. This Trojan was collecting user information such as location, and where and call logs of every phone user and sending the information to a secret location.


The security of our phones and internet usage lies on our hand. For one to keep a computer or mobile device safe, some safety measures have to be put in place first. For instance, maintaining the firmware up to date as well as secure antivirus software's can stop harmful scripts from executing on your system. As a result, it is necessary to keep an Android device safe from some of these attacks. Some of these measures are in this guideline. You can be able to keep your device secure from viruses as well as getting a safe browsing experience.

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